The Heroships

The Ship of Heroes story takes place in the year 2487 AD. Humanity is no longer confined to its home planet and, has in fact, colonised all the nearby systems where planets have been terraformed to resemble Earth. A large organisation, called the Human Federation, holds it all together.

The backbone of the Federation are the ships, of all sizes, that allow travel between the various worlds. The largest Federation ships have been dubbed 'heroships', the biggest and most famous of which are the FHS Justice, the FHS Freedom, and the FHS Liberty. They are entire nations-in-space, each one containing multiple cities and tens of millions of citizens, most of whom were born on the ship and will most likely never leave it.

Also on board the ships are humans who have gained what have become called 'super powers', either through exposure to strange alien substances that humans started using or other means that we are, as yet, unaware of. The super heroes, as people started calling them, usually rally to the defence of the ship and its inhabitants when called upon.

The Ship of Heroes story takes place on board the heroship FHS Justice. A ship which is over 20 miles long and has a hull which, at it's thinnest point, is 24 feet thick. Apotheosis City, the starting point for the players, is in one of the sections of the FHS Justice. Beneath the city are working areas, crew quarters, etc. reaching down about a thousand feet into the ship.

To help get a feel for the scale of the ship, here's some concept art which shows human figures by one of the portholes in the hull...

Looking out at space through a porthole in the ships hull

Looking in to Apotheosis City from outside the ship

... and some images showing the actual dimensions of the heroship.

20 ship levels
Ship length: 20.4 miles
Level section height: 4121 feet

Right at the centre of Apotheosis City is The Arch. A huge structure designed to not only look impressive but also collects Unobtanium Dust produced as a by-product from the engines. As a result, it is expected that the arch will be a target of alien raids and suchlike.
Above the city is what appears to be a perfectly normal sky. That's impossible out in space, of course. It's actually a projected image of a sky designed to mimic conditions back on Earth. Take a look at Apotheosis City in the gallery for some examples.

The Federation Hero Ship, Justice. @ Heroic Games.