About SoH

What is Ship of Heroes?

From the official SoH website, Ship of Heroes is "A New MMORPG with the best Features of Space and Hero Games Combined."

Fans of the legendary City of Heroes MMO will remember the thrill when they attained their first  super-powered travel ability, allowing them to fly, speed through the streets faster than any car, or even teleport! Ship of Heroes will allow some form of flight from the very start for every character. Other modes of super-powered travel will become available over time.

There are plans for aerial battles and, potentially, hundreds of powers across many varied power sets for players to choose from. The intention is to have raids for at least 50 players from level 1. SoH will not force players to level to the cap in order to join in the fun stuff!

Development has been ongoing with the costume/character creator which has recently undergone an alpha test by a number of people unconnected to Heroic Games. The results were reported to be very encouraging. The plan is to create a game in which it will be possible to create a character quite unlike any other, in terms of powers chosen as well as looks. Players will be able to customise the colours of their powers and abilities as well as the actual characters themselves.

Initially, players will be able to choose from familiar archetypes such as Tankers who take the hits for the team, Brawlers and Devastators who do melee and range damage respectively and defenders who provide the healing and support.
Additional archetypes will be added later including Controllers and Commanders. Controllers being status effect focussed support/debuffers and commanders being pet based classes.

What's This About a Ship?

The game is based, broadly speaking, on a huge ship, called a heroship. There's a brief backstory explaining the reasoning behind the heroships on the official SoH website. Very briefly: humanity has outgrown earth and has taken to space travel in huge ships that encompass entire cities. The largest ships are described in the backstory as a nation-state in space. One of the largest is the FHS Justice, and it's on this ship that the story takes place.

Circumstances are such that humans, and any aliens that may be encountered in space, other planets or those that may have sneaked onto the ship, can attain super powers as a result of exposure to rare powerful (and alien) substances. And so, the battles between superpowered aliens and humans ensues.

As well as having areas on board that non super-powered humans rarely go, for various reasons including the presence of aliens, the ships will allow the humans on board to visit other worlds in the search for resources, etc. where super powers will be needed.

Non Combat Activities

City of Heroes rewarded players for exploring the vast maps with what they called exploration badges. Those badges had titles which could be adopted by the character. The CEO of Heroic Games, Casey McGeever, has confirmed that Ship of Heroes will also have exploration badges, plus many other achievements. The location of one of those badges has already been revealed at the top of the Arch in Apotheosis City. The rest will have to be found by the players.

Gathering, harvesting and crafting have also been confirmed for the game with trading between players forming a key feature. Detailed information about crafting and trading have not yet been revealed.


Heroic Games have been hard at work developing the game, they started long before announcing it to the world, and they are proud to have met all their published deadlines. Initial funding for the game was to have been through a Kickstarter project. Following a good start, however, it quickly became clear that they had gone to Kickstarter too early and it was decided to abandon that as a source of funding. Donations are now being accepted on the SoH web site and the project is, reportedly, doing very well.