Latest news on the next event involving the community

News! An invasion test is expected to begin some time within the next two months - from Consultant himself. Mentioned at the end of the video released with the newsletter dated 9th May 2020. Team wipes expected...

May 2020 Newsletter - Video Speed of Melee Combat

Ship of Heroes had a recent successful community event, in which over a thousand players could make and test a character with street sweeping combat in-game. Some players thought the combat was becoming too fast, so the SoH devs are releasing a video of the fastest option for melee combat. Their goal is to let the community have a voice in the speed of the game combat.

The latest newsletter can be read on the official Ship of Heroes website. In the video...

  • A particularly fast and bursty melee character named Slash is being shown. Because Slash has a power which teleports him on top of enemies, he avoids the traditional weakness of all melee characters – the long run into combat during which ranged enemies can shoot him before he does any damage.
  • SoH has reached an interesting point in their three years of development. They’ve had a fully working game with a client and combat system for a while now, but they are still fine-tuning systems, FX, and in this case, the speed of melee combat to suit their audience.
  • The devs are also teasing their next video in this newsletter, by telling us that they’ve named the next one “Operation Valhalla” without letting us know exactly what the content is. But since Valhalla is the Norse myth of a place where heroes go to experience perpetual combat, so presumably it's combat-related.I think I have some ideas.
  • The next big thing from Ship of Heroes will be an invasion test, which is now on the calendar for June, if all goes well. The devs have told us that that they don’t mind having a few raid-wipes along the way, so be ready for danger if you are eligible to participate.

Ship of Heroes has conducted five successful Alpha and Beta tests: one in 2017, two in 2018, a major character creator Beta in 2019, and their open community event a few weeks ago in 2020. The next big test with their community will be an invasion or raid test, planned for the next few months.

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