Who Wants to Play With the CCT

Here's an interesting development...
OK, so we need a name for what you guys asked us to do -- allow people to jump into the CCT and the city during the coronavirus lockdown. We're going to start letting people into the game as we see it as devs, each day.
Which means it is not a highly polished Beta, it is the current version with just a few things shut off. There may be a few bugs, especially on some of the new or transferred costume pieces.
So the first thing we need are 20-30 volunteers who want to go in and find problems for us, before we open it up even wider.
Pop along and take a look at the official thread if this sounds interesting...

Here's an update related to this 'beta.'

I received a question about what it costs to participate.
This is not a true Beta, just something fun to help the community when they are stuck at home, or otherwise stressed with the current situation. But we do think it will be fun, as long as people are tolerant of the occasional problem.
So we have "Pandemic Pricing."
In other words, it's free.
But if you can help with a donation, we always welcome those. :)

We're making progress on this, and we have a server rented, etc. Many, many fixes are in, but we need a bit more time to get it all set up and running, and our lead coder needs some sleep at the moment.

There is a good chance we will let the first volunteers have a look this evening or tomorrow. Then if it all works more or less as planned, we will put out a newsletter to everyone and let the rest of the community in to play.

  1. As it stands now, there are more things to see and to do:
  2. Many new costume pieces (with a few bugs we need to fix)
  3. New CCT features like two color wheels to test, new, alien/elf ears, hand and feet morphs, etc.
  4. There are a few enemies on the map, so watch out...they are higher level than you.
  5. There are ambushes on the map too, so be prepared to run or fight.
  6. We have some test crates for crafting materials you can click...yes, there will be crafting in the game but we have an early prototype working now. There's a crafting table somewhere...
  7. Day/night is working again.
  8. There are some capes in now, and a couple of auras.
  9. The new powersets, some untested and not polished, are in.

There are actually a lot of new things. We think we have turned off the first set of missions...we have to have something to show later in the year, after all!

So when you get in, go ahead and have fun. This is not a regular Beta, so much as a gift to the community -- something for people to do that is fun, with your kids if you want. For most of you, this is the first, perhaps the only time you will ever roam around, unimpeded on a developer map. Other games don't seem to allow this sort of thing. But we thought it would give you a laugh, and we can all use one more laugh.