More about the Community Event

The Ship of Heroes community event is a fun opportunity for those trapped at home to experience a real developer map in a game in the making, bugs and all.

  • Ship of Heroes is setting a new standard in game development transparency by opening the current version of their game on a developer map to their public supporters. This includes the bugs, the in-development features, and everything as it is now, except the instanced mission content. That will be shown later in the year. For those who missed the CCT Beta in November, this promises to be all of that and more.
  • The whole point of this event is to allow the Ship of Heroes community to have some fun, playing with SoH from home while they are locked down due to the coronavirus – hence the name of the event. It’s not actually a Beta in the usual sense of looking for bugs. The event is free, and open to everyone who has been following the game; the devs are sending download instructions and keys to people using the recipient list for the newsletter.
  • The SoH Character Creation Tool (CCT) had an extremely successful Beta just four months ago. One of the game's strong points is making your own unique avatar, and the devs are touting the idea that the entire game could be filled with unique characters with no two alike. Just in the last four months, additional features and costume pieces have been added to the CCT, making it one of the best among the new crop of MMOs being developed. Multiple new powersets are available in the CCT as well, though most of these are experimental and potentially unpolished.
  • Apparently the devs are not afraid to let their community see partially completed content – perhaps because there is just so much new stuff in this event compared to November. One of the key things to see is that there is combat possible in this event, as there are a few enemies are roaming the city. Players can form teams, fight enemies, level up a little bit, get rewards and loot, and test out the first version of gathering materials for a future crafting system. It may not all be polished yet, but a lot is happening.
  • This game is getting closer to launch every month. The CCT is awesome, and already ranks as one of the best of the new breed of character generators. But the city is beautiful and iconic of comic book tableaus. There are moving cars and civilians almost everywhere. The day/night cycle has been restored, with a rather dark night that speaks to some potential for spooky night combat in the future.
  • The next big event which was previously scheduled is some kind of Beta of the SoH invasion combat for big groups, currently planned for in the next four months.

Ship of Heroes expects to launch by the end of 2020.