Consultant talking about the upcoming invasion test

Well,  typing rather than talking... Anyway, here's the gist of what he said (typed):

  • Players will sign up for a particular event, evidently there'll be a number of events run over a period of time with the players able to nominate a slot they want.
  • Having done so, it'll be possible to choose an existing character from a previous test or create a new one. 
  • The nominated character will be elevated by the devs (whatever the heck that means) and given some dust. 
  • Before the test, the players will have time to log in, level up a bit and get to know their powerset (or just zoom around admiring the scenery). 
  • Then the test begins and those who flew around gawping at things instead of leveling up will probably die multiple times providing much merriment for the rest of the testers and the devs.

Ok, that wasn't exactly how he wrote it... If you want to see the original post, head on over to the official forum.