Response to Questions on the Melee Combat Video

Some questions were asked about the melee combat video which was released a few days ago. Here's a copy of the answers so far - see the threads on the official forum.

  • First, we will be delivering a set of six initial melee combat powersets. They are all listed in the last newsletter, but a couple of key points are in order.
  • We're not just giving you one melee power and then letting you change the graphics and FX. These are different powers. They all have different stats and they support, or hinder particular playstyles.
  • Why is it six? Because we thought we could do better than five but might not get to seven. We will be adding more over time.
  • Melee is its own special thing. Some sets have a power to charge in, and some do not. One set has some range, so you can do damage at a distance while closing with enemies. One would be perfect, especially paired with stealth, and really supports fighting that hard to kill boss, while another is all about racking up badges of kills from so many trash mobs.
  • We're not firing the powers as fact as possible in the videos because we're showing off the powers, and people need time to read the text in an explanatory video.
  • Buffs and debuffs are super important. Every pwoerset has weaknesses and strengths. But you can eliminate weaknesses and increase strengths through planning ahead. SoH is not just a button mashing game. You will want to think and plan.
  • Second, we're open to suggestions and changes. But please explain what problem you are solving with your suggestion.

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Response to Questions on the Melee Combat Video