Post CCT Q&A Notes from Chat Logs

Chat logs from the end of event Q&A under the arch have been released. The logs were incomplete but what is available has been posted on the official forum. Thanks to Sara-Clare McGeever of Heroic Games and Golden Ace for the work they did in making these logs available. You can read the entire log at the chat log thread.

I've picked through the logs and listed the points that I found most interesting...


  • UI elements can be moved around and resized. Alt-U toggles the UI on and off (for uncluttered screenshots).
  • It's expected that there will be 4 additional power bars available.
  • We are working on controller powersets now. After we recover from this Beta we'll begin some early testing.
  • Player housing is after we work out harvesting and crafting.
  • The number of civilians wandering around can be changed. System Settings-> Manual Tab there is an option called Civilian Density.
  • Badges will be available, giving experience (and hopefully titles).
  • It's expected that we'll be able to click to interact with things like benches, etc. No more shuffling back and forth trying to find the right position to sit on something.
  • Capes will almost certainly be in the future Betas... unless we find them impacting FPS too much. It's expected that capes will be earned, like they used to be in CoH.
  • Hair supports movement but most of the models currently lack the physics to enable movement.
  • Lots more costume pieces, including civilian clothing, are expected to be available by launch.
  • We had a world-class artist make multiple eyes with imprints from real people in some cases.
  • Players will be have a choice of weapons but not be able to create their own.
  • We're close to having what COH launched with in terms of hero costumes.


  • Team sizes up to ten.
  • Other worlds are definitely on the list, but for the future.
  • We have a variety of mission goal types in that system so far including kill, interact, destroy, etc.  and you'll be able to specify multiple goals for a mission. We're also looking at our version of Mayhem missions.
  • Positive community is a big part of this game. We want to make it safe to join a PUG again.
  • On player collision, we are currently not planning for it. In COH an old man with a cane could shove aside a level 53 Incarnate. Also player collision provides an opportunity for griefing.
  • The public quest system supports mutating PQs. So every stage has a success or fail. If the players fail to repel an attack, some dust gets stolen and, presumably, the players can raid the enemy to get it back or the enemies could take over a section of the ship and the players would have ot take it back. The possibilities are enormous.
  • The Beta Club will remain after launch.


  • The next beta, date undecided as yet but expected to be Q1 2020, will be a combat beta, an invasion by NPC's. In the next Beta players will get to make a character or use the one from this Beta. Before the invasion, you’ll have a chance to level up your character, buy augments and infusions, and test your powers.
  • The next Beta will proceed in waves. Each wave will have some number of players... 30 - 50 if we can manage it.


  • It's expected that there'll be a discussion on respecs on the forum at some stage in the future.
  • A different server provider was used for this test, Heroic Games were not completely happy with the result.

Finally, from Consultant: Be active in the forum, and let us know what you want. we do pay attention.