CCT beta update 18th August 2019

Here's a quote from Consultant on the official Ship of Heroes forum about the upcoming character/costume creator beta and a few other bits of interest.
Let me give another update on the CCT Beta. Right now we are waiting on one thing to be fixed by Unreal, which is their interaction with TrueSKY, which is broken at the moment. We've diagnosed it and it all rests with Unreal at the moment as far as we can tell. So there could be a couple of weeks still to go. 
Since that is happening, we are continuing to develop and add things. 
The plan is that tomorrow we'll launch a short video showing the interior of the Beta Club, our hangout which is the equivalent of a Star Wars cantine or a COH Pocket D. It's pretty cool.
We also had some feedback from a couple of the ladies who work on the game that we need to give our female characters the option for lipstick, so we're adding that to the CCT too. 
I feel like adding the Spiderman quote here, that with great power comes great responsibility. And gosh, there are a lot of really bad lipstick colors out there. But we're giving you guys the freedom. 
We're polishing the interior of the hospital. Not the entire building, but the general interior that gives you doors and openings into other missions of the future. We think this is cool, because of the contrast with the Beta Club, among other elements. We're also expanding the exterior of the hospital a bit to accomodate the enlarged interior. 
Things are progressing. And look for that video tomorrow. You'll be able to enter the Club during the CCT beta.