Mysteries of Apotheosis City: The Beta Club

The latest update is an interesting one. We get to see (and hear) the inside of the Beta Club, there's a new jumping (in air) animation, a view of 'The Sorceress' in her mostly black outfit and we discover there's a badge inside the Beta Club!

Here's an interesting quote from Consultant telling us what's coming next:
We’re building so much new content for the CCT Beta that it’s going to take at least two more videos to show it all.  The current plan is to go through the next big interior map, the hospital, which has a completely different art style and feel.  After that, we’ll do a video focusing on the many different things you can do with the CCT during the Beta, particularly for your heroes’ faces.

As always, you can read the full update on the official Ship of Heroes site.

CCT beta update 18th August 2019

Here's a quote from Consultant on the official Ship of Heroes forum about the upcoming character/costume creator beta and a few other bits of interest.
Let me give another update on the CCT Beta. Right now we are waiting on one thing to be fixed by Unreal, which is their interaction with TrueSKY, which is broken at the moment. We've diagnosed it and it all rests with Unreal at the moment as far as we can tell. So there could be a couple of weeks still to go. 
Since that is happening, we are continuing to develop and add things. 
The plan is that tomorrow we'll launch a short video showing the interior of the Beta Club, our hangout which is the equivalent of a Star Wars cantine or a COH Pocket D. It's pretty cool.
We also had some feedback from a couple of the ladies who work on the game that we need to give our female characters the option for lipstick, so we're adding that to the CCT too. 
I feel like adding the Spiderman quote here, that with great power comes great responsibility. And gosh, there are a lot of really bad lipstick colors out there. But we're giving you guys the freedom. 
We're polishing the interior of the hospital. Not the entire building, but the general interior that gives you doors and openings into other missions of the future. We think this is cool, because of the contrast with the Beta Club, among other elements. We're also expanding the exterior of the hospital a bit to accomodate the enlarged interior. 
Things are progressing. And look for that video tomorrow. You'll be able to enter the Club during the CCT beta.

8th August 2019 - Latest Report of the Character/Costume Creator

Progress on the CCT continues.

We've been experimenting with how to solve the dilemma we've created...we're giving players so many choices, so many options, that no other MMO character creator we're aware of can match us. But this also means that an individual player could literally spend weeks trying out options.

It's important to realize that most of us are not artists, and it is actually complex to fiddle with all of the sliders individually, while trying to achieve a certain "look." How do you want her jawline to look, now that you can control that, for example?

So we face a dilemma -- make it simpler by reducing player choice, or do something else. We opted for something else.

We're adding in some randomize buttons, so that once you choose a model (male, female, or big guy) a player can click the button to see many different versions of character. You can still fiddle and adjust a character one slider at a time of course. Or find a randomized character you like and make adjustments to that.

Then, for costumes, you can use the randomize costume button and see your avatar in different kinds of costume and clothing combinations. And of course you can manually override that and just choose what you want from the options.

Then you can hit the randomize colors (for the clothing, not the hair, etc.) and see how it looks. Or just pick the colors you like manually.

And you can go back and forth if you want to change something that occurred earlier in the process once you have run through it all once.

We now have it on our list to create a video of this, but give us some time, we're still coding and adjusting. But this selection process is going to make it much easier for a player with modest art skills to get what they want, in a reasonable amount of time.

Of course, "reasonable" is in the eye of the beholder.

Another update for the character/costume creator beta

From Consultant:
During the upcoming character creator beta, we're going to give participants an option to run around the city and explore. Some buildings will be open, including one building in the Warehouse District, and of course Ivar & Sons Auction House. But also we'll allow people to jump into the hospital lobby and poke around, and in addition we're going to have a nightclub with a hidden entrance, called the Beta Club.
There'll be a badge for finding the entrance and getting into the club. It's not quite finished, but it is looking pretty darn good.
Shinies! One thing I did like doing in City of Heroes was running around collecting badges. We'll be getting them in Ship of Heroes too :)

So far, the only information we have regarding the date of the character/costume creator beta is that it's pencilled in for the end of August. This isn't a firm date so be sure to check back here (or the official SoH site) regularly.

As far as I know, all you need to do to qualify for the character/costume creator beta is have donated enough towards the development of Ship of Heroes to have reached the 'Stylish' level - that' means having donated at least 50 US Dollars. And, yes, donations made over any period of time on the same account accumulate.