Latest news from Consultant posted on the official forum - 18th July 2019

Latest news from Consultant posted on the official forum (dated 18th July 2019):
We're working away on issues related to the CCT Beta, and we're making progress. 
We will have a Beta as soon as we can manage -- most likely in late August. We're having some fun working everything out and we're pretty happy with a lot of stuff we have working in the CCT now. More preset faces, more skin options, better hair options, more costumes, a very powerful set of morphs that can be applied to every preset face... This is going to be fun. 
We're also working up a new map of Apothesosis City, so participants in the Beta can run around a bit and explore. There won't be combat in this Beta (it is the character creation Beta, not a combat Beta after all), but we think you're going to be pleased. And we're going to organize some events in the City at different times, so people can get together, chat, ask the devs questions, etc. 
Stay tuned, we're going to start showing off some aspects of the CCT.

And here's another update from a day later:
We actually have kind of an issue with the CCT. A player can make so many different kinds of characters with different faces, different sizes and costumes, that it becomes an issue to explain the range of the possibilities for us.
We made an internal video just showing the preset faces for the female model, and slightly cycling the skin tone and hair models. A real quickie video. But since we have more than 40 present faces, the video ran to more than eight minutes. 
And that had no changes in hair color, or facial morphs, or exotic skin colors, or SciFi implants...and it was only the females, and there was no consideration of the costumes at all... 
Just the preset female faces took 8+ minutes. 
I guess that means we need to warn all of you that you might want to schedule some real time to fiddle with the options, when the Beta comes out...