Latest bit of news from Consultant:
We reviewed the hair models for the female characters and we spotted a couple of places where, from certain angles, you can see through to the scalp. So we were fixing that yesterday, and have a couple more hair fixes for today. 
Another item is that we're adding cars and civilians all over the city, on the new draft map for the CCT Beta. This stuff takes a bit of time, and we're trying not to get it too full, or too empty. FPS is still good, because we've been planning for this stage for a few years.
We're doing a review and some polishing to the animations we've shown recently.
We're also investigating nvcloth, which is the latest Epic tool for making capes move, to see if it is better than what we already have. The jury is out on that one right now.
And we're doing a bunch of other stuff too, of course. Steady progress.