Consultant posted a relatively long reply to answer questions about launch dates and such things. Here's his very interesting post, quoted from the official forum.

First, sometimes we get people asking why we don't post the launch date, with the apparent belief that we know the launch date with absolute certainty, but we're just withholding it for ... well, reasons. 
No we do not know the launch date with certainty. And you are right, the schedule to complete is out of date.
So let's talk about that.
Here's what we are trying to do, and also the dates associated with it: 
1. We're trying to enable $50 and up donors to join a CCT Beta, and we'd like to pull this off in late August. From where I sit right now, I can see this slipping into September, but we will definitely get this done. Some activities are on the critical path, and several of them have piled up on a single dev -- and we cannot take those activities from him because he is our expert. Still, this is going to be a big deal, because the participants in the CCT Beta will be able to do the following:
A. Pick one character name and hold onto it for the game.
B. Create a character using what we think is the best character creator in any MMO today.

C. Take their time -- the Beta will likely last for a week or two.

D. Run around Apotheosis City and see the current city build for themselves.

E. Assuming that we do not find some horrible flaw in the CCT during the Beta, we hope that the participants will be able to use their characters in an invasion test (Combat Beta) later in 2019.
2. Which pretty much means we plan to have an invasion test or combat Beta later in 2019. Which month, you ask? That depends on how the CCT Beta goes. Again, we expect things to work very, very well. They worked well for us when we were testing this week, as a single player. But sadly, in the history of game development, disasters have often followed successful internal testing. So we are cautious about over-promising. There is far too much over-promising going on in game development already.
3. After the invasion test, in early 2020, we want to set up a series of live Beta tests of the whole game, beginning with mission testing. And we need to establish (by talking to the community) how many missions we need to have before we should launch. We're told COH had approximately 380 mission at launch. That's a lot of content -- far more, in fact, then most games are launched with today.

So those are the highlights for perhaps the next 6-8 months of development. Could we launch next summer? Yes, if everything goes really well. Or at the end of 2020 if something goes wrong, or we lose key people, or the community wants something changed and we think we can do it...
But in the meantime we plan to let the community do a lot with SoH. Character creation, invasion testing, followed by mission testing...and then launch when we we are sure how much minimum content we need to have. You could be playing/system testing, and giving feedback for development, on and off for a lot of the next 8 months.

So, breaking things down into plans for the future, we're looking at tentative targets as follows:
CCT Beta - late August/Early September 2019
Combat Beta/Invasion Test - late 2019
Game Beta - early 2020
Game Launch - when ready (probably middle to late 2020)

As always, you can look up the original thread on the official forum.