CCT Beta Update dated 29th July 2019

From the official forum:
Here's the current update (monday morning, eastern US time). 
We just finished some testing on the FPS for the CCT Beta map of Apotheosis City, and it looks pretty good. As always, we have a few spots with lower FPS that we're looking at. And we added emissive windows to the City Hall and to a large building in the Science Park so it is easier to run around the city at night. And we're testing with cars and civilians all over the city. It looks really good, at least to us. 
We're working on a "beauty pass" for the characters. Females are done and males are being worked on. One thing we decided to add was a slider for raising the position of the eyebrows a bit. This makes a difference in how the face looks -- intent or happy or surprised -- so we thought players would want to have this option. 
We have a good deal of work to do but we're on track, at least right now, for a late-August CCT Beta. We're also working on a few surprises for the Beta, in terms of exploring the city.