CoH Private Server?

Comment from Casey:

With the surprise news yesterday that a private server for City of Heroes may have been operating for years, possibly with hundreds of players, we just want to reiterate that Ship of Heroes is developing full-steam, and that we will launch as planned on the schedule we have announced. Ship of Heroes is the next step in superhero gaming with a completely unique setting, new story and missions, new engine and graphics, and infinite room for future game expansion. Our goal is to provide a gaming home to all of those who want to continue to experience the positive community that we have already assembled on our forums and in our Alpha tests. After all the support we have received, doing anything else would be a betrayal. Please show your interest by continuing to support Ship of Heroes.

Closing my Twitter Account

Due to rampant and disturbing political censorship on Twitter, I have decided that I am no longer willing to use their platform. You can find me on

Official Note About Derived Targeting

Here's something of interest regarding targeting in Ship of Heroes, spotted on the official forum.

From our lead coder, this morning:
"Derived targeting is now working. If you target an enemy who is attacking and ally and use a buffing spell it will buff the ally who the enemy is attacking. And if you target a friend who is attacking an enemy the same will also happen."
Right now the slider is for all UI elements at once. It is complex to allow individual UI elements to be resized by themselves, but we are looking at that issue this week.