Talking about hair models and physics

Latest update from Heroic Games regarding their hair models:
We'd like to give a quick update regarding where we are on the idea of adding new hair models. We added a new, highly skilled artist to the team and he is working on hair models for us, beginning with the transfer of the hair models from Paragon (very nice free assets provided by EPIC Games to their community). We have grabbed those assets, converted them to our standards, and also now have LODs for them.
The next step, which is underway right now, is to adapt them to our models, add the collision features and bone physics we want to employ (which we are creating from scratch), and then to test the resulting hair models in SoH.
We've begun testing, and of course appearance is the first issue. They do look good by the way.  :)
We also need to fine tune the physics, and the collision issues, and make sure we can easily afford the models within our FPS goals. That is not done yet, but it is all looking pretty good as we move forward. Our current selections for this system seem to be delivering a big improvement in FPS compared to APEX physics, which was our prior system, from 2017.
We still need to pull it all together in the game (the assets are not pushed to the real SoH yet, they are in testing), and settle a few things, and also make sure we like the color options for hair. But it is coming along quite nicely.

 This update, and the community's comments are on this thread on the official forums, and there's an associated older thread talking about hair choices.