Ship of Heroes Community Server

Parkhyeyeon has been kind enough to set up a discord server for people who want to chat about Ship of Heroes. See you there...

Login Test Update

The registration phase of the login test is over and emails have been sent out to those who indicated they wished to take part. The email asks you what time slot(s) you would prefer to paricipate in.

If you registered and haven't received your email, you should check your spam folder, etc. If you don't state a preference for any particular timeslot, one will be chosen for you.

It's anticipated that a further email with a download link and login details for the character allocated to each participant will be sent out later this week.

See you there... And remember the discord link -

And here's a quote from Consultant on the official forum...

OK, we're closing registration now. We left it open for a bit of extra time, in case there were some who were last minute registrants.

We're also sending out an email to everyone who registered, this afternoon. In it we are asking you to select from a list of three times (all in eastern US time zone):

10 in the morning

1 in the afternoon

4 in the afternoon

In the ideal case you will choose more than one of these and we will then put you into one that allows us to allocate 300 people into three roughly even groups.

The Login Test is Here!

Our chance to get into Apothoesis City again has arrived. The login test we've all been awaiting has been scheduled for about 10am on 15th December 2018. It's open to anyone who has donated $25 or more to Heroic Games for Ship of Heroes.

There'll be no combat and we will be very limited in where we can go. Initial indications are that we'll be restricted to the area under the arch. This is purely a stress test, they want to see how the systems hold up with up to 100 players online in the same area at once and gather performance data.

If you want to take part and meet lots of other people who'll be playing, and the devs - take a look at the official Ship of Heroes Website.