Civilians and Cars


 Areas frequented by players in MMO's need npc's to add immersion. The September 2018 newsletter  tells us about the developers vision for populating the city with civilian npc's and levitating cars.

The images above show Dr Strikewell standing in the street with hovercars behind her. The cars levitate constantly, even when parked, to facilitate easy entry and exit. Whether or not we'll actually be able to use vehicles is unknown at this time, though with superpowers at our disposal, we could probably get around faster under our own steam...

 This image shows a bunch of npc's standing around singly doing their own thing or in groups making the city look alive. This is very important in MMO's in order to add a hint of realism. Here's a quote from the devs:
There are over 100 civilians in the Arch Park, and at any given time, a player can see about 20.  We think this strikes a good balance between immersion and FPS.  As a supporter of SoH, feel free to weigh in with your opinion in the forums on whether this is the right density of civilians.

You can read the newsletter on the official Ship of Heroes Site and add your thoughts in the forum.

In Other News

  • Heroic Games are still working towards running that login test they've been talking about for a while so keep an eye on the official site (or here!) for news about that.
  • An engine upgrade is expected, to 4.20, soon which will give the devs some interesting new capabilities.