New Female Soldier Costume

The latest newsletter, dated 29th June 2018, shows off the design for the latest female soldier costume.

If you're anything like me, this is the important bit:
The outfit has nine specific pieces – Helmet, Upper Chest, Shoulders, Bracers, Gloves, Belt, Pants, Leg Armor, and Boots.  These can be mixed with pieces from other sets, or with special single pieces to create unique player costumes.  As always, each costume piece has a primary and secondary color, which can be controlled independently on each piece, or automatically aligned around the color choices made for the chest-piece with the click of a button.  We plan to have cape designs to accompany this costume, and a variety of colors are possible.  We also allow the head slot – helmet or mask – of any costume to be toggled to become invisible, if desired.

The image below shows several possible color variations, but the possibilities in the character creator are endless.  Nine costume pieces, two colors per piece, 256 choices per color… not to mention the ability to customize the character wearing the costume – hair, skin, face, eyes, etc.

 As always, you can read more about it on the official website. Something worth noting is that Heroic Games haven't yet decided on the standard palette for the ships military, so if you have specific ideas for that, head on over to the forums and have your say ;)

And here's the press release - copied verbatim because it's getting late in the UK and I have to get up really early tomorrow morning.

  • Ship of Heroes has three character models and incredible customization potential, which has been demonstrated in multiple videos and newsletters.  One issue that comes from using multiple character models is that costumes need to be re-created for each model, or at least for most of the models.  SoH has now begun this process, and is showing off a new female soldier costume derived from signature hero Ambassador’s design.
  • The screenshots show several possible color variations players, but the possibilities in the character creator are endless.  Nine costume pieces, two colors per piece, 256 choices per color… not to mention the ability to customize the woman wearing the costume – hair, skin, face, eyes, etc.
  • Ship of Heroes has announced that they are working towards a login test with many players logged in, and the expected plan is for each player to be in a unique costume, most created by mixing and matching costume pieces from the costume sets that have already been revealed.  But new costumes may well be revealed to expand the options in preparation for the upcoming login test.
  • The SoH devs continue to make their own unique costumes, reflecting a specialized art design and internal capabilities that are usually associated with larger studios.  Right now, nearly a dozen costumes and unique designs have been revealed and shown in-game.  The SoH devs never simply show a costume without bringing it into their actual game in some manner.  Immediate integration of new assets is part of their design philosophy.
  • Anticipation for the Beta launch of Ship of Heroes is growing.  The dev team has been highly organized so far, and watching their videos and reading their newsletters is like taking a course on how to develop a new MMO step by step.

SoH Newsletter talking about Alpha, Beta and future plans

Heroic Games released a really interesting newsletter on 15th June 2018 talking about their views on alpha and beta phases of game design. The upshot is that they are planning to skip the open alpha and closed beta phases and go straight to open beta, and have more than one open beta phase! The idea being that the more people who play the game early on, the better the feedback will be in order to make improvements, etc.

They also still plan to hold their login test in 2018.

You can read the newsletter on the Ship of Heroes site -

Here's some images from the newsletter, just to make this page more interesting!

New Video - Upgraded Mission Map

We were treated to a new video today, showing upgraded mission maps and more information about the progress of the game. Because I'm really short of time today, here's the text from the press release copied verbatim. As always, you can read more on the official website.


Just over one year ago, the team at Ship of Heroes showed off a video of their first really cool detailed mission map.  One year and fifteen videos later, they’ve gone back and upgraded this same map with a new look.  They’ve also adapted the map for a much newer engine version.  The devs are relentlessly moving towards launching Ship of Heroes.
The Sci-Fi setting for this superhero MMO is extremely current; most of the hot superhero movies and shows we’ve been seeing combine superheroes with spaceships or aliens in some way.  Ship of Heroes does the same.  The use of props, lighting, and changing size of the rooms and corridors gives the feeling of a larger-than-life world full of exciting new places and inventions.
The dev team is building a game with two primary settings for combat and missions.  There is a large outdoor map called Apotheosis City, which has already been shown in several other videos and one combat Alpha.  This video shows one of several indoor maps, which will generally be dedicated to a solo player or a single team, and will use instancing to prevent players from having to compete for valuable drops or progress.
One conclusion from the release of this revised map is that this dev team does not have the frequent stops and re-starts that plague other teams.  They go back and improve game elements, even ones deemed good enough in the past.  The original map shown in this video was first published twelve months ago.  Now an upgrade is being released, and there will probably be more changes in the future.  SoH is evolving, and the direction is good.
We’re told that this particular map will support a mission instance that will typically take about 30-40 minutes to complete.  However the devs at SoH are pretty flexible about player strategies.  If a team figures out how to complete the mission in 5 minutes, more power to them!
The Ship of Heroes team is almost uniquely willing to show us what they have developed, warts and all, even in the early stages of Alpha.  Even some major studios shy away from letting prospective players see in detail how their games look before launch.
This video proves that the SOH dev team can produce environmental art at AAA studio levels, despite being a small independent team funded by donations and volunteer work.  It also shows how SOH's look and feel reflects their focus on having a positive community.  This is utopian future, not a dystopian one.  It looks like a place where most people would be happy to live.
One thing I noticed is that Ship of Heroes has published over 20 videos, and they have the same powerful announcer doing the voice over narration.  This creates a sense that all of the videos are part of one immersive game, and it creates confidence that this indie team will actually launch their MMO on schedule – 2019, for those who are keeping track.

Ship of Heroes has conducted two successful Alpha tests with community members, and is about to begin a large-scale login test, which is an important prerequisite for any serious MMO.  The devs are expecting to conduct a big raid test later in 2018.