SoH May Update

An early update for May 2918

  1. A system called TrueSKY has been adopted. It is intended to be used to handle the day/night cycle and some other interesting effects.
  2. PopcornFX is also being incorporated into the game engine with, apparently, good results on effects for powers, etc.
  3. Animation blueprints are undergoing more changes which is being blamed for the current lack of video releases.
  4. A couple of new people have  been added to the team.
  5. What Heroic Games describe as a 'login test' is still on the cards and is expected soon™.
  6. Consultant described the latest round of polishing and improvements for the Arch Park area of the city and says things are looking great. 
 As usual, you can read the full update (and it's a long one) on the official forum.