MMOGames: Ship of Heroes’ Casey McGeever on Powersets, Scale, and Player Choice

Here's a quickie - more of a shoutout really, for an article written by Chris Hughes for MMOGames about his meeting with Consultant (Casey McGeever) of Heroic Games.

There's a lot of information in that article of interest to people new to Ship of Heroes and it's well worth a good read.

Massively Overpowered - PAX East 2018: Talking superhero MMOs

There's a really interesting article over on Massively Overpowered talking about Ship of Heroes and an interview at the PAX East 2018 with Casey McGeever.

Of particular interest to me was what Herioc Games has planned for the first half of this year.
  • April, will be work on the day/night cycle, adding more effects, and a new healing powerset.
  • May, will be all about a login test, one revised power set and one added set, also a new mission map and lighting changes.
  • June will see costume testing, peeks at Controller and Debuffing powers, and preparations for raid testing.
  • The overall plan remains for the game to enter some form of beta testing later on this year. 
 The whole article is very well worth a read.

Plenty for solo players to do in SoH

Here's an interesting comment made by 'Consultant' on the SoH forum confirming that those who want to go it alone will have plenty to do.
One of the most common questions we get from the press is about the archetypes, and future variations on the themes. Which contrast with the mail I get which has a common question of "what about solo play?" That question has a very positive answer, so in case anyone was wondering, there will be tremendous opportunity for all kinds of solo play, from street sweeping to door mission to repeatable missions, and more. I always think that everyone knows that, but since I'm getting the question, maybe I need to say it.

Suggested Worlds You Would Like to see in the Game

You really should see some of the amazing ideas people have been coming up with for worlds to visit in Ship of Heroes. Some of them are detailed to an astonishing degree. Take a look at the thread on the official forum.

Ship of Heroes Upgrading to Unreal Engine Version 4.18

UE4 Upgrade to  4.19

 Heroic games have announced the latest upgrade of their game engine to version 4.19

During development, they usually stay one version behind the most current Epic release, but expect to upgrade to UE 4.19 in a month or two. When they get closer to a launch date, they'll decide which version to go with.

Here's an interesting quote:
We are now developing Ship of Heroes in a completely stable version of Unreal Engine 4.18, which is good timing because 4.19 was just released, and is being evaluated by other dev teams that like to be early adopters.

 You can read the full article on the Ship of Heroes wesbite.