SoH Alpha Test News

We've learned that the first escorted alpha tests are due for the second half of February, they will be run in teams of devs and 3-4 of our donors, supporters, and members of the press. Together they'll run through the Science Park area of Apotheosis City and fight a series of enemy mobs. It's expected that the fights will be recorded and there's a possibility that one of more of the fights may be live streamed.

Quoting from the newsletter:
An alpha test is more than just the first shot at playing Ship of Heroes – it is real work, and we appreciate the help we’re getting from our supporters.  This is not a balanced combat scenario.  Instead, we’re testing how people think combat should “feel” in Ship of Heroes, and we have deliberately eliminated some important elements for now.  For example, accuracy is set to 100% for both players and enemies, so every attack will land. 
In many MMOs, combat against a mob of enemies is brief – 5 seconds, give or take.   Instead, we’ve set the difficult level to provide fight durations in the range of 20-30 seconds so that videos of the fighting will show more action, and allow players to exhibit more complex tactics. So, these alpha runs are not an indication of how difficult ordinary (street sweeping) combat is going to be in Ship of Heroes.

This isn’t a typical early alpha.  We’re taking an inclusive approach to get meaningful feedback.
We have mixed teams of devs and supporters, and we’re taking feedback directly from the community during combat. We’re showing you how the latest build looks, live.
Even if something goes wrong, we don’t want to hide it from you. We’re not waiting until we've decided the final DPS numbers to let third parties try the combat. Don’t expect the relative strengths of powersets to be the same as the alpha when we launch, or even in three months.
Some aspect of the balance changes every week. We’re showing hard fights to demonstrate roles other than doing damage, but we’re also showing them in Apotheosis City, because the city is now optimized enough to do that. An indoor map would be easier, but we think this is more exciting.  In the post-launch game, you’ll have to go into hazard zones to find enemies this tough… or crank up the difficulty settings.

Heroic Games are asking for feedback on the overall feel of the combat, even well before the balancing is decided.  How does it look?  How does it sound?  What do people think of every enemy group having different powers and tactics? How about the idea that enemies will have in-combat regen? They want feedback on their forums from everybody.

Additional alpha activities, and a second test of the character/costume design tool, and at least one big raid event are planned for 2018.