Latest Ship of Heroes Schedule

Spotted this on the official forum and decided to share it... bear in mind nothing is fixed in stone, the game is in an early state of development and dates are liable to change.

Current schedule, although this may change;

Limited Combat Alpha - REALLLLLLLY SOON! probably within two weeks. They will get as many people as they can into this phase, but sadly it will probably be less than 100, including press tours.

More general alpha should be Q2-Q3 this year.

Beta testing (this will be paid beta to finance finishing the game) will probably start as an early Christmas present.

Open beta will be sometime in Q2 2019. The length of this phase, or how long before release is unknown.

Release date is currently scheduled for July 4th 2019, although this is tentative - that is Consultant's birthday, and I really really really think he wants the game release that day as a super birthday present!

It's worth mentioning that Consultant said "No dates in 2019 have been even roughly penciled in yet."
So don't go marking any firm dates in your diaries just yet ;)

Also noted, on the same thread...
If you donated to at least the $25 level, you will have access to the character creator two weeks before release! You will be able to fuss and fine tune as much as you want, and when the game releases, you will be one button click from joining into the fun!