Alpha Test Combat Features

A newsletter and a new short video have been released by Heroic Games giving us a flavour of things to come.

Here's an interesting quote:
The next major event on our milestone schedule for 2018 is to upgrade from 4.16, our current Unreal Engine version, to 4.17 and then 4.18.  That will allow us to continue integrating the engine improvements Epic Games builds.  After that, we will likely begin planning a closed raid test using a mix of supporters and devs.

And a list of recent improvements which they say show the current state of the game but are expected to change as a result of further development and from feedback from the upcoming alpha.
  • Power trays can be added, can be vertical or horizontal, are moveable over the screen, and are lockable. In addition, most of the UI is resizable.
  • Game volume is now adjustable in the settings.
  • Enemy nametags are coloured, now showing the difference between the enemy’s level and your character’s level.
  • Intelligent tab-targeting now accounts for both proximity, and which direction your character is looking.
  • Auto-targeting in combat is enhanced, as is retargeting once an enemy is defeated.
  • Auto-rotation to face a new target now occurs only on power use, and is slowed down to prevent motion sickness.
  • Combat against groups of enemies is now smoother.

You can read the newsletter on the Ship of Heroes website.