What we Learned About SoH Villains

There was a lot of interesting information released during the video interview with the MMO writer Neith. Some of it about the villains is summarised below. A forum post on the Ship of Heroes Official Site goes into more detail.

The Villain Groups we have so far, and which were shown in the video are:

  • The Nagdellians: ruthless alien invaders bent on domination of the Justice.
  • The Prometheans: a secret sect of Cyborg/Dark Magic Users that wish to create a super race of cybernetically-enhanced humans to rule the Justice.
  • The Yekus Mercenary Clan: a widespread group of soldiers for hire that serve as muscle for the highest bidder.
  • The Red Sigil: a group of powerful magic users committed to revolutionary overthrow of the government of the Justice.

The Nagdellians have been expanded into four models, including enhanced soldiers, two Lieutenants, one with undisclosed super powers (one has the power to summon reinforcements); and the newly introduced Nagdellian Boss. It's rumoured that there may be Nagdellians with the ability to heal and some may exhibit typical controller and mastermind type powers.

The Prometheans live and build their army, by abduction and by a few foolish volunteers, from the safety of secret, inaccessible engineering access sublevels aboard the Justice, representing a serious threat to the security of the ship from within. They use cybernetic enhancements to improve their ability to make war.

The Yekus Mercenary Clan recruits members from all parts of the galaxy to create a large army of general muscle and soldiers that operate in multiple worlds. This is the first time the Yekus are shown in game – concept art was shown in October 2017. The line up of Yekus soldiers includes a Captain, with and without longcoat, and a super powered brawler with a cybernetic arm.

The Red Sigil is a secretive, revolutionary subgroup within the much larger community of magic-users aboard the Justice.  While they tend to favor old-fashioned and formal clothes, the Red Sigil has no uniform; any mage could secretly be a member.

The new Nagdellians are primarily the work of noted character artist Robert Brown.