Villian Groups - Video Interview with Neith

Another exciting video interview with the devs;  Consultant (Casey) and Matt talking with Neith live on twitch. I missed the stream but the video has been posted on Youtube and I've indexed it here, as usual.

Neith writes articles about game design, game theory, general reviews, etc. and has started a Patreon Page to support her game writing activities.

Villian Groups - Video Interview with Neith
01:30Introducing Iris, a witch aboard the ship
02:00Brief discussion of npc costumes, associated bandwidth issues
03:10Introducing the Red Sigil villian group
03:40Talking about magic users on board, mostly good
06:20Youkas are one of the primary mercenary clans, such clans don't always get on
07:40The Nagdelians, size and red flashes on uniform indicates higher rank/caste - can call in reinforcements
12:20Different castes of Nagdelians, hoping for for 5-6 at launch
12:40Talking about the Nagdelians motivations
14:00How the aliens get on board
17:20Confirming that Nagdelians have control/buff/debuff powers, maybe healers
17:40Giving mobs the sort of powers and tactics that players use to add to the challenge
19:30Meeting the Prometheans and talking about their motivations (they're all linked back to their keader)
22:30Promethean history and their possible bases in the deep engineering sections of the ship
23:25No playable villians, at least at launch
24:20A note that Sword Blossom is the head of the engineering section
26:50Introducing the Yekus
28:00No decision made at this stage to allow players to wear villian uniforms
29:20Talking about hair shaders and performance issues
31:10Motivations for the Youkas
31:40Explaining how citizens/mercenaries are resurrected after defeat in the same way as heroes
32:30Why the mercenaries are tolerated on board - employed by some others for protection, etc. Complex storyline around creation of mecenary groups, etc.
35:00Robots, a future enemy group - robots can become hostile when they attain consciousness (caused by unobtanium)
38:00'Evil' robots could potentially 'turn' other robots to their cause
39:30Introducing a new work in progress costume for females based on requests from testers in the last Costume Creator test
42:00Confirmation that costume items can be mixed & matched and colours changed as the player desires
48:00Summary by Consultant of what's been done so far wrt enemy/villian groups
49:30Confirmation of achievement/levelling/exploration badges, etc. - some of which will be account wide
50:00Talking about the importance of the established community to new players
50:50Decals for costumes are a future possibility
52:50Different flight poses will be available at some stage but animations for male/females/large are all different and it takes time
55:00About computers, performance on older machines, optimisation, etc.
56:50Still aiming for February for the next alpha test
59:00Consultant talking about Neith's Patreon page
1:00:50Showing off some interesting multiple power effects
1:03:55Neith talking about herself and her background
1:06:30Showing a female character with (moving/flowing) long hair in action, currently using APEX but it may change in the future
1:08:50Looking into an option to turn off other players effects but it'll be a player choice