The Warehouse District

Here are some notes about the latest Ship of Heroes newsletter released. This one covers the Warehouse District.
  1. Welcome to the Warehouse District, a zone in the southeastern corner of Apotheosis City, the capital city of the generational ship-state the FHS Justice.  In 2017, the devs at Ship of Heroes have created 18 videos that showed off Heroic Plaza, the downtown area, the Science Park, and even the Justice Corp HQ's rooftop Power Testing Facility.  Now it is time for a look at the Warehouse District.
  2. The custom-designed Warehouse District will be another setting for missions, as well as a great place for patrolling and street-sweeping. In fact, SOH has already built a mission map appropriate for this area.
  3. Beyond being a staple of many superhero adventures, a Warehouse District makes sense in the FHS Justice’s because Apotheosis City is the main trade area of the ship; the district holds imports for transfer to the engines below and the rest of the ship above, and exports waiting for smaller cargo ships to take them.
  4. The Warehouse District will include interiors for some buildings, like warehouse administrative offices and possible hidden areas. Some of the large buildings are semi-enclosed and can be explored now, though enemies will be added later.  Distinct features of the district include large open spaces, industrial machinery, and the elevated Light Rail Transit which will serve almost all parts of Apotheosis City.
  5. All environments in Ship of Heroes are custom designed to create a new, unique world for super-powered adventures.  The Warehouse District is designed with horizontal and vertical movement and combat in mind for flying and non-flying characters, so it is dotted with stairs, ramps, and walkways.

Ship of Heroes launches into Beta by end of the year, but it is boarding now! Visit the forums on to support our game and keep up with the latest news in the development of this new, positive community and flexible, customizable, and fun-to-play sci-fi superhero MMORPG.

Coinciding with this release was a video interview with The Positive Gamer, posted on Youtube. I've indexed the video's key points...

00:30New small offices, signs for realism, area expanded into water
01:35Elevated rails for trains, etc. running around the area
02:15Stairs adding a 3D nature to the area
02:40Foliage improvements underway
03:10One of the first mission maps will be a warehouse in this district
04:00Impressive looking pipework on the roofs and water tower
06:5012 powers on a bar, a numer of bars will be available
07:30Elevator crane, possibly to take players to other levels for missions, etc.
09:00Talking about the way the dev team is showing things as they do them (transparency)
10:00About the multitude of mission options given by the ship travelling through space visiting different worlds, etc.
11:40More detail about alpha/beta timings and suchlike and how to qualify for the limited alpha scheduled for Feb 2018, etc.
13:30Beta scheduled for end of 2018, early access for anyone who donates $25+
15:45Wider test of character creator planned some time in 2018 (maybe)
19:10Flying towards the arch
19:50Further discussions around transparency and the community
24:50Talking about the open letter and the state of MMO's
26:50The space needle
28:00hazard zone, currently empty but will be a hard area for harvesting for low level players
30:00Graphics for power sets have been updated
31:30Not an item based game, no special weapons, etc.
32:30Possibility to temporarily augment a character to give it a short term boost
35:00Lots of optimisation done recently with the upcoming alpha test in mind
36:15Emotes are definately planned, lots of fun things for role players, etc.
38:30combat alpha will show current enemies, launch planned for possibly 6 enemy groups