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Another really interesting video, this time a live stream by MJ Guthrie of about Ship of Heroes which (I thought) was long enough to deserve/require an index. Since this was a live Q&A session with subscribers to the channel, the questions flitted back and forth a bit so there are no headings in the index.

03:50Zooming out from the city to the outside of the ship (20 miles long, 20 city levels) and talking about the ship itself
09:45Instanced mission map with the signature hero "Ambasaddor", the map alse shows the base of the arch which explains the mission types expected (dust!)
12:20Discussing instances and a positive community
14:45Not looking for a huge player base at start, hoping to grow the game as it progresses with a subscription model
15:45an interesting multi-level circular room
18:30Everything in the game so far is made inhouse, beta planned for end 2018
19:00Talking about recommendations/requests etc. from the community
20:25Talking about player created missions (maps, npc's, npc powers, etc.)
22:00Confirmation of solo content as well as group content ingame
23:40Showing a staging area of a new map, testing surfaces, etc., always looking for feedback
27:30Confirmation that players will be able to change difficulty levels in a mission
30:30Talking about the coding capabilities for players to use when setting up missions
31:10More about about the game lore, etc
35:00Talking about the UI and available options, etc.
36:50Multi-level map with varying ceiling heights
38:50Anti-stealth powers confirmed ingame
40:30Player housing/bases confirmed ingame but probably not at launch
41:40Weather effects not at launch but may come later
44:55Power customisation still being discussed
46:40About destructible environments, definately not at launch, under consideration
49:30Current animations are not placeholders but there's still lots to do
53:10Rooms are basic and empty looking but ingame will have lots more 'props' and enemies
53:40Confirmation that players can sit in chairs!
56:25'Organic' maps exist with trees, grass, flowers, etc. to add variety
57:40Caves are difficult in UE4 and are still being looked into
59:30More about travel powers
01:03:40Character progression at 'endgame', SoH will start with 20 levels with plans to get to 50 levels pretty quickly.
01:08:00Sidekicking/scaling to allow players to team up with others at different levels will be ingame
01:09:10About power sets, classes, etc.
01:14:00About the ingame economy (currency: dust) and about trading, crafting etc.
01:18:55Powers and items do not change character appearance
01:22:50Donors will be able to create characters before release
01:24:40Character creater confirmed to have no timeout
01:25:30Custom keybinds will be ingame
01:26:30Talking about the community
01:26:50More about customisation and the characters 'personal' story
01:27:50Future expansion a big thing
01:31:00Ingame voting system something to add to game in the future
01:36:40Back out to Apotheosis City
01:38:50The Arch
01:39:00The Space Needle
01:40:00All player characters are heroes but there are a LOT of npc's on board without such powers
01:46:00most levels will have their own cities with discrete cultures, etc.

Closing statement by Casey McGeever

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