Community Priorities and Outlook for January 2018

The outlook here is copied verbatim from the official website because I'm still suffering from the mother all all flu's and will very likely make a big mess if I try to rewrite it.

1. We are going to be working to set up and perfect the combat Alpha this month. We'll be updating the community as we work.
2. I've got a short opinion-piece about what I think happened in the MMORPG market recently, and how our plans for SoH respond to these trends.
3. We want to do one or more interviews with some of the bloggers who cover us, and show off some new stuff.
4. In a separate thread, I'm going to solicit the views of the community about what everyone wants to see and hear from us during 2018, that they are not getting now. What's most important?
In general, we're going to use January to set up the alpha, solicit more feedback from the community, and then finalize our plans for the rest of 2018.

Consultant also posted a question on the SoH forum detailing the phenomenal progress made in 2017 and what Heroic Games learned from the community. He ended the posting with a question...

What would you, as a community member, most like to see in 2018? This is a forum post, not a poll, so that you can speak eloquently about multiple subjects. Tell us your priorities about what we should be doing to keep you engaged, and to get others engaged.