December Outlook Revealed!

Heroic Games have revealed their plans for December. They have a set of challenging milestones, especially bearing in mind the holidays, etc.

Here's a brief list. The full version is available on the Ship of Heroes website.

  • They plan to show off the Twin Swords powerset, that's the set that their best known NPC to date (best known as in most of their videos!), Sword Blossom, uses. [1]
  • They are intending to carry out small-scale combat alpha tests in order to gather information and live feedback. They plan to form teams and run through the Science Park area to fight mobs. A video will be recorded and published.
  • Information on new devs who have joined the team is still to be published on the website.
  • The Warehouse Area has been expanded and improved and they plan to show off those changes.
  • They have a 'surprise' planned for some time during the month - we'll have to wait and see :)
  • And they're going to open a thread on the forum asking for feedback about what they did during the year and what the community would like to see during 2018.

[1] Every time I see a new power set revealed I end up adding plans for another new character. I'm going to need dozens of slots at this rate!