Ship of Heroes Christmas Video 2017

Heroic Games have released a Christmas video showing their accomplishments during 2017, at the same time indicating to fans of the game that it is likely to have regular holiday events. Players of City of Heroes will remember running around the cities collecting presents and it seems that future players of Ship of Heroes will be able to do the same. The presents are expected to give the player special items that can be used (probably as one-shot powers) and, if the video is anything to go by, some dust. Dust, of course, being the ingame currency.

The plan is to start with events for Halloween, Christmas, and Ship Launch Day (July 4th). We'll have to wait and see what else they come up with.

'Meltdown' flying around Apotheosis City Xmas 2017

Their 18th video of the year shows one of the SoH signature heroes, Meltdown, flying around Apotheosis City opening presents. As each present is opened, he gets a reward and a short video clip plays showing one of the teams accomplishments for the year. To quote directly from Heroic Games:
"The SoH dev team has made enormous progress, moving from just a website with concept art and a strong story, to a working prototype of the game and their second small-scale alpha test in about twelve months."
The video was shot ingame using assets created by the team on a client-server network showing that SoH is in a playable (though early) state. The video shows the game the way the players would experience it if they were (able) to log in right now.

The video also contains a 'soft appeal' for donations to help the self-funded developers of the game reach their scheduled target for a Beta in December of next year (2018). If you like the sound of a superhero game with a sci-fi theme (I certainly do!) and would like to help the team realise their dream, you can donate to the cause via the Ship of Heroes website.
All donors are eligible for benefits, depending upon the amount of the donation, including a free download of the game, early access during Beta, a free month of play, and even the ability to participate with the dev team in an Alpha test while giving their feedback and requests directly to the devs.

Xmas 2017 in Apotheosis City

Ship of Heroes conducted a successful Alpha test of their character creator in September, and plans to do their first combat Alpha test at the end of December, 2017, with a Beta launch at the end of 2018.

December Outlook Revealed!

Heroic Games have revealed their plans for December. They have a set of challenging milestones, especially bearing in mind the holidays, etc.

Here's a brief list. The full version is available on the Ship of Heroes website.

  • They plan to show off the Twin Swords powerset, that's the set that their best known NPC to date (best known as in most of their videos!), Sword Blossom, uses. [1]
  • They are intending to carry out small-scale combat alpha tests in order to gather information and live feedback. They plan to form teams and run through the Science Park area to fight mobs. A video will be recorded and published.
  • Information on new devs who have joined the team is still to be published on the website.
  • The Warehouse Area has been expanded and improved and they plan to show off those changes.
  • They have a 'surprise' planned for some time during the month - we'll have to wait and see :)
  • And they're going to open a thread on the forum asking for feedback about what they did during the year and what the community would like to see during 2018.

[1] Every time I see a new power set revealed I end up adding plans for another new character. I'm going to need dozens of slots at this rate!