Unobtanium. Unob...what?

What on earth is Unobtanium? According to the backstory on the official website, it's the rarest material in the galaxy and infers all sorts of interesting benefits including being a power source for the ships we use to travel through deep space. It affects life forms in strange ways, sometimes accelerating their evolution.
For humans, exposure to the material results in an increased birthrate of super powered children and such exposure is actually encouraged in order to advance the humans on board as much as possible. That's the explanation for the number of super heroes on board, anyway. Such a material also provides handy hooks for fans to fit their own characters evolution into the backstory.

The rarity and value of Unobtanium causes it's own issues, of course, and that's where we, as fans of superhero games, come in...
  • Unobtanium is a hugely valuable material to all species. The dust produced as a by-product from running the engines can be converted back into whatever form of Unobtanium any particular species needs and the amount carried in the heroships makes them a target for marauding pirates and aliens. The super heroes help to protect the ships and ensure the safety of the citizens living in them.
  • It's not only external forces that we have to guard against. On board the ships are bands of mercenaries and villains who frequently carry out raids on the major cities in the quest for Unobtanium dust so a super heroes work is never done.
  • There have been little snippets of information revealed about robots being affected by Unobtanium too and turning against their human masters. That opens up the possibility of them modifying other unaffected robots, turning them to the anti-human cause. The possibilities seem to be endless and I'll be looking forward to seeing the story develop through the life of the game.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the name of this material but it was chosen by the community early on by a hefty margin when the developers of Ship of Heroes carried out a poll. There was a brief discussion on the forum about it and it's been a source of contention ever since. The question seems settled though so we have to accept the name and move on to the next exciting thing in the game.

It is, actually, quite refreshing to see a team of developers taking the views of their fans into account at every stage. Of course, Heroic Games are ultimately responsible for putting it all together so not all ideas can be implemented but it's nice to be asked for input and actually have it considered. There are exciting times ahead for fans of science fiction and super hero games.