SoH Youtube Video Index (from 31st March 2017)

Chris from mmoreporternetwork interviewed Casey McGeever, the CEO of Heroic Games on 31st March 2017. It was a long video, over an hour, and packed full of really interesting information. I've created a basic index into that video. Please note that this video was pre-kickstarter and a lot of the information is liable to change.

Apotheosis City
01:30Heroic Plaza, two huge symbolic statues representing the last two heroes who had to have secret identities
02:45Apotheosis City is about 1.25 sq miles, in a circle, arch is at the centre, ship is a nation in space
03:45Looking out of the ship, through a porthole
04:30A city built with superhero flight in mind with ramps and landing points all over the place
05:45Probably won't be able to run up vertical surfaces, more than one travel power possible
06:40About the heroships and human exploration out on the rim
07:50About the arch, unobtanium and dust
08:5020 levels on the ship, plus engineering at back and command & control at the front. Each level has above and below ground sections.
09:50characters progression through the ship as they level
10:30Hazard area and water front
12:00Making the game (in discrete pieces)
13:30Development and selected game engine (UE4)
14:40About eyes
15:50A 'choose your own adventure' or 'linear progression' discussion
20:25Casey talking about playing CoH
Character Creator
25:00Showing off the Character Creator
26:00A little about about power sets, not necessary to be a glass cannon (minor self buffs, etc.)
27:40Creating a female character (49 basic face shapes to start from with over 300 morphs available)
29:50Stunningly beautiful eye variations
32:40Confirmed no connection between appearance and character's stats or abilities
33:25Confirmed costumes/appearance can be changed after creation
34:05Confirmed power respecs will be possible
35:45Discussion about the reasoning behind the amount of work going into the character creator
37:23Capes confirmed
38:30Character creator was the first thing Heroic Games started working on
General Chat
39:0011 costume slots per character
40:00The game is packed into a 'release version' every week for testing purposes, combat videos shown are actual combat not made up
40:15Showing an early combat scene
41:05Casey's take on what makes a 'playable alpha' and how useful players input is at this stage
43:20Type of progression/mission types with instanced missions as well as street sweeping
44:08About raids, incoming from enemies plus us raiding them in return
46:00A game for both casual and hard core players
47:30Ability to increase/decrease mission difficulty
49:00PvP (arena, co-op, adjustable rules for matches)
50:00Invasions by aliens (potentially triggered by player actions)
52:00Plan is to build the minimum to make a really good game at release then use the income from subscriptions, etc. to make it into a great one
52:20View switches back to the ship in space
53:40About the subscription model
56:00A game for the community
1:00:10Chris, from mmoreporternetwork says a few words about Ship of Heroes

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