SoH Youtube Video Index (from 10th March 2017)

I was looking through some of the older video interviews for information that I could use on my blog (and the SoH wiki) and started indexing some of the more interesting points. Then I thought that someone might find the index useful - so here it is...

From a Youtube Video posted by 'Dirtylittlesecrets' on 10th March 2017 - bear in mind this was pre-kickstarter and a lot of information may have changed - I found it a really interesting video and, in fact, a lot of information not previously publicly shared was revealed in that video.

Apotheosis City
04:35Possibility of multiple travel powers per character confirmed
05:00Respec confirmed
08:25The Arch
11:30NPC's, numbers expected, etc.
12:10The Hazard Zone
14:30Complex goes down a thousand feet below the city level
15:30Casey not keen on level caps, prefers to continuously expand the game
16:00Hostile aliens, heroes and the storyline
18:00About Unobtanium and foes
20:00No player villians planned at launch
22:30About the ship, its ramming nose and a possible use for it in the future
24:00No pet classes planned at launch
27:00Auction House building (auction, crafting, harvest under one roof)
29:00Confirmation that characters of various 'widths' will be possible
Character Creation
30:00The Character Creation Tool
31:45Creating a female character
44:20Confirmation of eleven costume slots
45:20About capes
45:50Almost all parts available from the start, no need to have to earn costume pieces
General information
46:00A few words about developers playing their own game
48:00Moderation - a family friendly game
49:00About masterminds and pets
52:50Preventing content getting old and stale by moving from one planet to another
54:00Possibility of (costume) animal tails, ears, etc. in the future
57:00Character bio, up to 1023 letters, visible to other players
57:50Initial alpha/beta dates, etc.
1:00:00Talking about the importance of support characters
1:01:30Why the game is being made
1:04:20About supergroups, maybe under a different name

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