Crowd Control and Status Effects

Heroic Games have just released a newsletter detailing their thoughts on crowd control and status effects for their upcoming MMO Ship of Heroes. If you'd like to have your say on the crowd control abilities and help shape a brand new MMO, head on over to their forum, sign up and get posting :)
The thread created to have your say on these powers is located  at

Here's a shortened version to give you some idea of what's planned. I really recommend reading the full listing on the official newsletter though - it's well worth a read.

Power Effects Type Threat
Slow Run speed, health/energy reduction, flight suppression Targeted AoE Yes
Immobilise Prevents enemy movement, flight suppression Targeted AoE Yes
Hold Prevents enemy movement and attacks, flight suppression Targeted AoE Yes
Sleep Enemy immobilised and senses cancelled, enemy has no awareness of the effect Targeted AoE No
Confuse Target's perception of allies and enemies is temporarily reversed Targeted AoE No
Intangible Targets can neither receive nor deliver damage or debuffs Targeted AoE Yes
Terrify Targets are forced to run away but returns after a while Targeted AoE Yes
Interrupt Target is prevented from completing an attack or other action Single Target AoE Unknown

Entries in dark green are not expected to be in the game at release, they will be added later.